This workshop on data visualization & analysis aims to provide the understanding and practical capabilities needed to convert data into information via appropriate analysis, and then to represent these results in ways that can be readily communicated to others in the organisation. In this forecasting and budgeting course you will learn how to implement forecasting techniques using a range of statistical methods. You will learn how to prepare accurate budgets by applying robust forecasting techniques. Designed for those who have a basic familiarity with MS Excel and want to develop their ability to solve problems effectively and efficiently, using proven quantitative tools and methods for analyzing, interpreting, and utilizing data, so that more informed and reliable business decisions can be made.


At the end of this workshop you will learn to:

  • Analytical techniques and representation methods for numerical data.
  • Recognize which types of analysis are best suited to particular types of problems.
  • Understand different aspects of decision making that goes into any data visualization work.
  • Read and comprehend common textbooks and journal articles in this field.
  • Some basic statistical methods and concepts.
  • Explore the use of Excel 2010 or 2013 for data analysis.

Training Methodology

This highly interactive workshop will use a variety of proven adult learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented. These include the following:

  • Introduction to the main tools and techniques
  • Case examples of the main challenges and their solutions
  • Group work on specific issues and situations
  • Discussion of specific in-company issues
  • Preparation of a personal action plan for each delegate

In addition the workshop leader will illustrate the discussions with real-life examples and situations in which he has been personally involved.

Target Audience

This workshop has been designed for professionals whose jobs involve in the manipulation, representation, interpretation and/or analysis of data. Familiarity with a PC and in particular with Microsoft Excel (2003, 2007, 2010 or 2013) is assumed. The programme will benefit:

  • All Financial and Business Analysts who work with data mining, data analysis and reporting of conclusions and recommendations
  • Managers or business leaders from non-financial institutions who make data backed business decisions and often struggle to present the data in the most intuitive and effective way
  • Professionals in consultancy and advisory firms who are involved in making lot of presentations

Workshop Outline

Session 1

Fundamental Statistics:

  • Mean, mode, median
  • Variance, covariance, standard deviation
  • Correlation

Session 2

Basics of Data Mining and Representation:

  • Single, two and multi-dimensional data visualisation
  • Trend analysis
  • Correlation analysis
  • Graphical presentation of data

Session 3

Frequency & Regression Analysis:

  • The Fourier transform, inverse transformation, practical implications of sample rate, dynamic range and amplitude resolution
  • Linear and non-linear regression, order; best fit; minimum variance, maximum likelihood, least squares fits, curve fitting theory, linear, exponential and polynomial curve fits, predictive methods

Session 4

Probability and Confidence:

  • Probability theory, properties of distributions, expected values, setting confidence limits, risk and uncertainty, ANOVA (Analysis of Variance)
  • Pivot tables, the Data Analysis Tool Pack, internet-based analysis tools, macros, dynamic spreadsheets, sensitivity analysis

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  • Rs.12,000.00
  • 1 Days


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